DIY Culture Magazine

The DIY (Do It Yourself) Online Magazine Project.

The idea is to document, spotlight, and feature inspiring people, projects, events, experiences, and businesses, as well as provide a platform for marginalized, subversive, and fringe ideas and opinions.

A decent frequency of production would be every few days though we believe a good present aim would be 1 original piece of content per week, ideally with a few content re-posts from other sites, and text, image, video, or audio. Even if we start out with just 4 people that would be one piece a month (about 500 words).

While it would be ideal to get a dozen contributing writers as well as a number of one time writer projects, we can get started with just a few.

Each writer/producer picks a project and schedules its creation within the next month. (Maybe it could be a working draft of a post that we all edit… )

post your email, what you want to write, record, film, and if you need us to contact or guide you. We will send you a username and password. Or you can email your story to

Regular content:

*Artist/Visual Interview 4-6 images (Ideally with 5 minute timelapse of  working) 500-1000 words

*Musician/Band/Emcee Interview with music and video links. (Maybe include some lyrics) 500-1000 words

(If we keep an eye on national and international performers coming thru we could reach out and help promote by doin a small interview)

*Independent Business Interview/Tour (New business/cool business/Indy business)

*Art Show/Party write up/review/any perspective, any critique. but try to be fair and cool about it.

*Traveler/Scene scouts (People outside the Phoenix Metro area) write ups, photoblogs of neat or interesting places

*Random Thoughts/Rants

*Local fiction


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